Entry #1

Hello Newgrounds!

2009-10-03 01:02:14 by Akavirtoon

Hi, my name (artistic name) is Akavirtoon (taken from a Bethesta game XD).
I am a random draw/animator man in the making. So far I learned everything I know by practique and watching a few tutorials on the web.
I made a lot of stuff that was uploaded to my Youtube and DeviantArt accounts (by the same user name).
Since I started working with Flash, I decided Newgrounds was much better than Youtube, and here I am :D
My old animation system (most of my YT videos) consisted in making the frames in Paint and then exporting them to Windows Movie Maker. Much later I started trying out Flash.
I really encourage constructive critizism and appreciate all the help you may feel like giving me :D

Hello Newgrounds!


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2009-10-03 01:11:51

oh hai

Akavirtoon responds:

Thanks for stopping by! :D


2009-10-03 21:26:04

Haha your agent leon was awesome xD
just 1 Question, are you spanish? :P

Akavirtoon responds:

Hey thanks a lot!
Nope, Im not Spanish, but I can speak it.


2009-10-03 22:45:42

Hey, welcome to Newgrounds! Seeing your first flash movies, you have a great potential! (Both animation and humor)

Also, i expected the ending to Special Agent Leon :P (Shooting the radio, but instead shoots his hand) .

Akavirtoon responds:

Thanks, glad to be here and hoping to improve!


2009-10-04 14:23:50

Sup your Resident Evil animation were good.


2009-10-04 14:35:15

Oh yeah I saw your video of re:3 musical on youtube in it was kinda crappy stick with the remaster it's better.


2009-10-04 16:46:25

Fucking badass dude


2009-10-05 18:25:05

Hello there hahaha

Akavirtoon responds:

Hi yaaa!


2009-10-05 18:52:23

nice to meet you ^^


2009-10-06 08:29:28

Hey dude.
Nice videos, saw both of them and they were pretty good.


2009-10-09 09:03:40

that pic is cool did u draw it


2009-10-25 15:14:21

lol i luv ur vids! u have an awesome talent :3


2009-12-19 05:52:32



2010-02-20 14:07:18

hey what is going to be ur next project? are u going to remaster some of ur vids or going to make new thinks ¿?


2014-02-08 18:45:21

hentai babes